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Chain Link Fencing
At NorthDallasFence, we build and design chain link fence that provides attractiveness and practicality for the value-conscious property holder. Although it has been long viewed as fundamental in the fencing industry, chain link fence is proficient at keeping children and pets inside to ensure their safety. Chain Link Fence is also perfect for maintaining your privacy to a certain degree and ensuring that individuals are aware of boundaries of the property line. Available in heights of six or eight feet, this type of fencing helps ensure you have peace of mind while toting to the value of your home.

Construction of Your Chain Link Fence
Though its assembly and design process are justly simple and straightforward, the result is a lovely and practical fence that offers years of good looks and service. Pole holes are first dug to mark out the perimeter of the fence before concrete is mixed and set around the galvanized steel posts. Flanked by these terminal posts, the chain link fabric is stretched tightly to provide a more secure barrier. The top rail is attached to deliver more stability and security to protect your home.Chain link fencing comes in two primary types namely: galvanized Chain Link Fencing and vinyl coated Chain Link Fencing

Galvanized Chain Link Fencing
Galvanized chain link fencing is naturally what comes to mind when people talk about this type of fence. It is renowned by its distinctive silver appearance and offers a versatile solution to your restraint issues. Whether you are trying to keep your children or pets safe, or you want to raise the value of your home with highly-desirable selling point of a fenced-in yard, galvanized chain link is a budget-friendly technique of meeting those goals.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fencing
While based on the same basis as galvanized chain linkFencing, a vinyl coated chain link fence has some prominent differences. These differences make it an attractive choice for many property holders who are looking for a reasonable option that is a step above the basic chain link fence. Aimed to be nearly invisible, black vinyl coated chain link fencing is the most common color chosen by property holders. A vinyl coated chain link fence provides other benefits as well. Since it is coated with a weather resistant material, this fence is virtually immune to the elements. In addition, the coating does not peel, further improving its resistance to rust and preserves its good looks and color over time.If you are interested in learning more about our chain link fence building services, would like a free estimate, or have any questions, please contact us.NorthDallasFence(972) 698-4610

Are you considering chain link for your new fence?

NorthDallasFence has been providing custom chain link fences to homes and businesses over the years.The best choice for value, they have many benefits including:

• Available in different heights and gauges
• Long lasting
• Maintenance free
• Reliable

Our materials are galvanized, including the top rails, poles and chain link. Chain link fencing is a common choice for commercial uses, temporary fences, schools or fields, and retention ponds.NorthDallasFence often provides fencing for tennis courts. Whether your fence project is large or small, we will design and install the right fence for your budget and needs. NorthDallasFenceis the most reputable Chain Link Fence Installer in the market!We build chain link Fence or also repair. We build 6ft, 8 ft. Whatever your requirement, we will build it for you. If you need material for a do-it-yourself project, we can provide you the needed material as well. We proudly stand behind our work and warranty all material and workmanship.

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