Wood Fence Repairs

A wood fence requires continuous maintenance to make sure that it lasts many years. If you need wood fence repairs in Dallas, call North Dallas Fence. We are the Dallas experts for repairing all wood fences. Here is some of the problems that we solve:

  • Ground shifting. Soil tends to shift, moving the fence from its original position. North Dallas Fence will help to reposition posts.
  • Rotting wood. Because the wood fence is exposed to rain, rotting can occur in the posts and rails, leading to an unsightly fence and compromised security. North Dallas Fence will replace the rotten pieces with few wood pieces, restoring the beauty of your fence and securing your property.
  • Protecting wood fence from weather damage. Wood fences are exposed to rain, sleet, snow and rain at any time of the year and they need to be treated properly after installation. North Dallas Fence will provide an added layer of protection against the elements. We power wash the fence before adding the stain or paint to ensure that the coats adhere properly. That way your fence lasts longer.
  • We repair post sagging. When your fence sags, it is a sure sign that the base is beginning to rot at ground level and you need experts to repair it. North Dallas Fence will not necessarily replace the posts but will simply repair them or place them in the correct position and hold them in place using either concrete or diagonal braces.
  • We replace damaged panels. When certain sections of your fence rot or are damaged in some way by the weather we replace the damaged panels instead of installing a new fence which is expensive. That way you save on repair costs.

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    Wood Fence Repair